What is a community garden you ask..?

There are lots of different types of community gardens! Some have high fences, low fences, community plots, individual plots, bees, chickens, pizza ovens, electricity, or no electricity, membership fees and no membership fees, native vegetation, sensory gardens…you get it. The list goes on!

A community garden is a public space that allows for creativity, happy and healthy living, and sustainable practices to flourish. It is an area where people can tend to individual or community garden areas whilst in a safe and inclusive environment. It is a connection back to our sources of food!


The North Brighton Community Garden was founded on three years of hard work prior to finally being approved a space to grow in early 2019. The place the garden now calls home is located at Bowker Oval, North Brighton in South Australia.

The group, formally established at the Brighton Community Garden group, was inspired by the ideology of permaculture and creating an area where people can learn, grow and work as a community. The purpose if this garden is to unite the community, promote physical and mental health and create a space where people can learn more about sustainability, organic principles and healthy living.

In this garden we hope not only to grow great fresh produce, but to nurture awareness for how our everyday actions and choices can benefit the world around us.


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