Dover Square Reserve

Hi everyone, 

We just wanted to send out a quick email to update you all about the recent consultation period held by the City of Holdfast Bay concerning whether the Brighton Community Garden should be located at Dover Square Reserve (South Brighton) or not.

(What are we talking about!?) The City of Holdfast Bay launched a consultation period, asking for feedback on the location of the Brighton Community Garden. The garden was proposed to be located on a portion of Dover Square Reserve, South Brighton. This consultation period started on the 4th and ended on the 29th of April. The period consisted of a survey with 160 respondents, and two on-site meetings, where around 40-50 people were in attendance on each occasion. 

Out of 160 respondents, we had 55% in favour of the proposed site and 45% against (plus a large petition).

The council has decided not to encourage the proposal of the garden being located at Dover Square and the Garden Group agrees.

Therefore, the Brighton Community Garden has not found it's home at Dover Square Reserve. 

Thank everyone so much who supported the group and proposal for the community garden to be located at Dover Square Reserve. Admittedly, it was a bumpy consultation period, but it was a great learning experience and so wonderful to meet new people and families in support of this garden <3

Where to next? The next steps will be to find another location to propose to the community. The group has been working closely with the council and we do have some ideas in mind (see link to see the suggested sites and give feedback).

We also had the opportunity to give a deputation at a council meeting last week, which was received with positive feedback from elected members and acting mayor, Amanda Wilson.

Onwards we go!