We have a plan, Stan.

We're so excited to finally share the plan for the community garden with you all! 

Our dedicated committee member and landscape designer, Beau did such an amazing job and he has put a lot of time and effort to create a design that is beautiful, inclusive and functional. 

Take a look and let us know what you think...

design closeup.PNG

The design features 14 main points of interest that help us to convey what we will have in the garden and what we hope to achieve here. The site was formerly a disused tennis court and we like to think we have re-imaged the space into a multifunctional and green area!

1. Small communal raised beds out the front of the garden in the BBQ area. These are available to all members of the public. 

2. Raised garden beds. This area will be for the individual beds that are for rent.

3. An orchard area for thirsty plants, like citrus and subtropicals, that will make use of excess stormwater run off from the neighbouring house

4. Storage shedrainwater tanks,compost bays and utility area

5. Pergola with a roof to collect rainwater

6. Grapevine pergola over the gathering space form summer shade and winter sun

7. Greenhouse for propagation

8. Evergreen fruit orchard, acting as a secondary windbreak to the sitting area

9. Native windbreak from cold southerly winds, incorporating native edible species

10.  Mixed native/ exotic/ edible windbreak from strong westerly winds

11. Timber post and rails fence with steel mesh from climbing plants

12. Deciduous fruit orchard - provides protection to the sitting area from hot, dry northwesterly winds, shade in summer but sun in winter

13. Wheelchair accessible plots andkindy/ school plots

14. Sensory garden. Mixed tactile paths, seats for resting and reflection, water feature, flowers, grasses and insect hotels